American Pit Bull Terriers

The Colby Strain Since 1889

Written By Louis B. Colby

John Pritchard Colby (age 20)

John P. Colby (1875-1941) started his strain of American Pit Bull Terriers in 1889, from the best dogs from England and Ireland brought here by immigrants to such ports as Boston, Ma, Portsmouth, NH and New York. The Colby dogs have been bred continuously since then.

Now, some 116 years later, the strain is still known worldwide for tops in conformation, temperament, and gameness. A "Colby dog" would be readily recognized by breeders anywhere in this country, as well as many foreign countries.

The American Pit Bull Terrier has been referred to in recent years in many ways; some complimentary, some with negative inferences. Yet this breed is probably the most versatile of all breeds.

UKC 233-460

AKC 641-443

ADBA 500-01

Whelped May 29, 1935

Sire: Colby's Brandy

Dam: Colby's Mable

During the "Great Depression of the 1930's" the American Kennel Club added American Pit Bull Terriers to their registry under the name of Staffordshire Terriers. With this new name for the breed, they needed a standard. After visiting a few kennels, a committee headed by Wilfred T. Brandon chose Colby's Primo as a standard for the breed.

Our family of dogs, the "Colby Dogs", are probably the oldest, purest strain of dogs in the world as attested by the following exhibit. (Click to see 20 Generations dating back the 1890's.

We still breed our dogs for quality. Owning a "Colby dog" is like owning a piece of history.