20 Generations

For each dog listed: the parents names are listed to the right. The offspring to this dog appears on the line directly below.
Name Circa. Sire Dam
Cockney Charlie Lloyd's Imported Pilot 1881 Small's Billy
Bred in England
Darby's Kit
Bred in England
Paddy's Mitchell's
Paddy (Boston)
1886 Cockney Charlie Lloyd's Imported Pilot Cockney Charlie Lloyd's Imported Pansy
Jack White's Teddy 1891 Paddy Mitchell's Paddy Jack Sullivan's Beck
John P. Colby's Pincher 1896 Jack White's Teddy John P. Colby's Pansy
Colby's Jack 1902 Colby's Pincher Colby's Bess
Colby's Mack 1910 Colby's Jack Colby's Nancy
Colby's Dinah 1915 Colby's Mack Colby's Nancy
Colby's Jule 1922 Colby's Galtie Colby's Dinah
Colby's Brandy 1930 Colby's Demo Colby's Jule
Colby's Primo 1935 Colby's Brandy Colby's Mabel
Colby's Primo's Jr. 1943 Colby's Primo Colby's Merle
Colby's Jock 1946 Colby's Primo Jr. Colby's Gypsy
Colby's Old Yellar 1954 Colby's Jock McDonald's Sally
Colby's Pumpsie 1958 Colby's Old Yellar Freeman's Susie
Colby's Prince 1963 Colby's Pumpsie Colby's Winnie
Colby's Jessie 1966 Colby's Prince Colby's Molly
Colby's Wally 1970 Colby's Jesse Colby's Mink
Colby's Bud 1980 Colby's Wally Colby's Buffy
Colby's Bud II 1983 Colby's Bud Colby's Peggy
Colby's Otis 1991 Colby's Budd II Colby's Kirby
Colby's Dexter 1993 Colby's Otis Colby's Jamie
Colby's Logan 1996 Colby's Dexter Vaughn's Colby Angel #42
Colby's Gypsy #2 2000 Colby's Logan Colby's Sara
Note: a seven generation pedigree has 256 ancestors
Note: a ten generation pedigree has 2,048 ancestors
Note: a fifteen generation pedigree has 65,536 ancestors
Note: a twenty generation pedigree has 2,097,152 ancestors