Colby's Noiseless Treadmills

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  • Built and sold by the Colby family for three generations.
  • Each treadmill is custom built by an experience cabinet maker from quality selected materials.
  • For exercising and conditioning all sizes and breeds of dogs.
  • Exercise your dog in the comfort and safety of your own home, in any weather, away from cars and other dogs.
  • The smoothest and easiest running of any carpet mill sold.
  • Treadmills are light weight yet sturdily constructed and require small floor space.
  • Quiet running allows for use in home or kennel.
  • Treadmill comes completely assembled with harness attatched.

Treadmill Construction

The treadmill is custom built of hand selected pine and rock hard maple. It is fastened with wood screws and finish nails are counter-sunk and plugged. Cabinet makers's glue in the proper amounts strengthens all joints. Each mill is hand made, sanded, and painted to furniture quality.

There is an endless belt involved that responds to any movement a dog makes. The dog runs the treadmill under his own power, setting his own pace. The endless belt is made from top grade pile carpeting, chosen because it is lighter in weight, noiseless, flexible and easiest on the pads of a dog's feet. The belt is treated for smooth running and long wear.

Attatched to the mill is a harness that holds the dog in place while running. Instructions on use, care and getting your dog started on the treadmill are provided.

DOGS UP TO 80 POUNDS...................................$675.00
DOGS OVER 80 POUNDS....................................$695.00
(MA residents add 6.25% sales tax)

Built for leading dog men and kennels all over the country for three generations by the Colby family.

(Make payments to:)

Paul F. Colby
39 Pine Hill Road
Newburyport, MA 01950

(978) 462-9810

Colby's Noiseless Treadmills